toyOL oh TOyoL

hello guys... =p this new entry is dedicated to all the students in the world n especially for those who are in final exam.i know the title is a little bit frustrated but..come least i got your attention rite??? so..chaiyok2....

plz make urself at home..huhu..and enjoy watching this v-d-oo(video)

ingat kawan2..'if u want to reach to the top, the 1st step is count and there is no shortcut to the top'... =)

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nobuta | October 30, 2009

ok terima kasih atas pesanan penaja hehe

izanuddin | October 30, 2009


B E L L A | October 30, 2009

exam ke? goodluckkk..hihi..

izanuddin | October 30, 2009

makasih..kamo pown same~~

Anonymous | November 01, 2009


EXAM...Apa pon buat yang terbaik...toyol?masih ada lg ker yg ternak toyol time2 exam ni?

izanuddin | November 01, 2009

salam kembali...
ye sedara..masih ramai lagi yg ternak toyol dan jin..even penulis sndr prnah wat..
zaman dlu2..hehe~~

e l d y | November 07, 2009

exam dah pun habis .. next year kena serius ar ..

izanuddin | November 07, 2009

ye ke??
eden do ag 4 paper..huhu~~

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